Monday, November 25, 2013

Manaus Week 8

Size 32?  Because I've lost weight.  Actually quite a bit.  That belt I've got...I can pull it to the last hole without really a problem. And I used to have 2 empty holes. I'm skinny again and not fat!  And I'm keeping most of my muscle because I'm working out pretty hard again. I can go into a handstand and do 2 to 3 handstand pushups against the wall. I'm gonna come home looking awesome.  Actually, I'm gonna come home and live at home because I'm still my moms little boy.  I'll magically turn back into a 4 year old. But yea, I'm not worried about any of that.
But so, I love the fact that you guys got to see an apostle. Super cool... especially for Caden.  They just look you in the eyes and they can read you're soul. Super cool. But yea, sorry about the freezingness of the states, but I understand the rain entirely.  Every day!  My planner is destroyed because it has gotten drenched so many times. But the transfer is almost over.  Speaking of which, I have had basically the hardest week I have ever had.  Its just all the worse because I know the language and can speak but I can't because my new comp spoke the whole week every lesson. I literally was basically his personal escort to each of our investigators and he taught while I sat there. It was super hard. I got super frustrated. But I'm over it and we are gonna figure it out. But I'm pretty lucky. I've got the language pretty well now.  People understand me and I understand them.... and it's only gonna keep getting better.  But I'm not frustrated anymore because I can't speak.  I can.  It's crazy, I speak Portuguese!  I took how many years of spanish and can't speak it at all?  And here I am, at basically 3 months of time, and I can speak with anyone.  There is still some stuff  I don't get but I'm getting it.
So yea, that's basically it.  That was my week.  Nothing much else happened.  My comp taught and I said maybe a few words.  We found a new family and we are teaching them.  Hopefully I will be able to talk more. We shall see. But things will get better.  We had a talk.  I get why he's here now.  He talked to the mission president.  His reason to be here is to teach me the language to where I have no doubts and am ready to be a leader in the mission.  I'd much rather just stay a normal missionary and just work.  But yea, that's what my comp told me.  Gonna be a fun one.  So yea it's all portuguese from here on out.  He speaks some english but he basically said he has orders from president to only do portuguese unless english is necessary.  Woohoo!  But yea, I can speak well enough to get by. Which brings me to my missionary tip of the week. 1 Nephi 3:7. No matter what, whether it be language or lack of confidence or no investigators, God's got a plan. He will provide a way. So have confidence.... And the Spirit will speak for you.
Thats it for this week. Thanks to everyone from family and friends, to President Kimball from Dallas East stake. Thank you guys so much. Love you all. Love you mom!

(No pics again this week....he's really trying)

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