Monday, November 4, 2013

Manaus Week 5!

(We received a postcard form Elder Link letting us know he got there safe and sound....mailed October 5th, 2013.)

Well, this past week was pretty good. Teaching some new families, and we got one of our boys baptized. Not our goal of 6, but we at least had one. And guess who did the baptizing? That would be your own, Elder link.  So quick side note, capitalizing takes way too much time and that is something i am limited on here. Have to pay for it and such. So i will continue my not capitilizing and people will just kinda have to deal with it. sorry poeple. still love you and all. but Yea, back to the baptism. I wanted a member to do it but he couldnt so I went into the font and baptized him. His name is Guilherme pastel Martins. Not pronounced at all like you would think. But it was pretty sweet though. We had 2 more who were going to be baptized but when we went to go get them to bring them to the church they weren't home. Apperantly they went out with their mom. totally lame. but next week. But seriously, they had already had their interviews and everything. They were ready to go. Oh well... next week. But so yea, teaching pool is great but there are some people here who are serpentes. The chickas. They be flirtin. They be hittin on my comp and I. Totally freaky. We teach and then we are out. Haha, we joke about it a lot though. Its pretty funny honestly. Cause we know what they are doing and we are just too smart. Haha, but yea, its honestly pretty funny. But yea, thats basically my week. Daily schedule is Wake up, exercise, get ready, study, go eat lunch, come home do lang study, then go out and teach people then come home and go to bed. Pretty rythmic honestly but im getting it. the language is getting better as Always now. I can speak and dont need translations. My comp doesn't have to go back over what I said anymore. Things are looking bright. Except the weather. Its the rainy season now. Literally every day just about it rains. Today its already been raining for 5 or 6 hours and its still going. Just might go all day. Who knows. And my comp and I were gonna ball it up today. Go play some bball. Oh well, we still have ping pong. Of the which people down here are not only good at futebol, they are good at ping pong too. Way crazy. They are way good. Give me a run for my Money. I still usually win. I've only lost to one guy. But I still can go on a run for my Money. Even like 12 year olds will take me for a while. Super intense. But honestly thats about all my week. Glad to know everyone is doing well and that they are all cute. Just do me a favor. Teach Beckett to take his ´`anger`` and use it to play football. Throw a ball, tackle someone. He's big enough. Let him do work! Haha but yea glad to know everyone is doing good. Hopefully the house situation starts to look up. Which it will. So, things i could need. Ties. People here love my ties but i'm not giving them away cause they are super nice and I have a limited supply. So a bunch of ties that aren't that great but that I can give away would be appreciated. And I would love some American candy. Smarties, runts. that'd be awesome. And a jump rope. That'd be sweet. But the people here are super great. Honestly, i dont know if they need anything because every single one of them give to help others. So for the brazilians all I can think of is like some little toys for kids. I'm sure they would love that. But yea the people here are way nice. It can actually be one of our door approaches while tracting to ask for water as a starter. People do that. Just random starangers can walk up and ask for water and they'll go get a glass and their water. People here are awesome. Love em to death. So yea, that's about all i got. I'll send some pics of the baptism. I gotta say I think I'm looking better. Losing some weight and getting more toned. So tip of the week. Have a plan, and then be ready to abandon that plan. Many times while we have been teaching, both here in Brasil and in the states, we have gone in with a plan to teach a certain principle, then gotten a new piece of information and taught something completely different. Know your stuff so that when the time comes that someone is ready to hear a certain message, you can teach it, not just what you had prepared because they need something else. PMG was developed for a reason. Be loose, be open, be ready to teach any topic of the church. And that is the tip of the week. So, ate a próxima semana minhas pessoas. eu lhes-amo. so, until next week my people. Love you all. Love you mom.

So apparently they just changed the way these computers work at this lab and I can't attach pics. So, I guess we will have to wait until next week. Seriously though. No consistency with emailing here....sorry mom.

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