Monday, November 11, 2013

Manaus...Week 6

I really do have limited time to email. We have to pay for our time to use the internet. Totally lame. But since mom hasn't emailed me I will be sending the email to you first. silly mom, not emailing me and such. But so lets see, this week. Had some awesome and then some wierd stuff. So let's start from the top. Tuesday we had district meeting and I taught a little bit in Portuguese. Then we went and taught people. Wednesday was a normal day and we went and taught poeple the gospel. Thursday is where the uh oh happened. It was interviews with the mission presidente. Don't worry, I'm not in trouble, some people would see this as really good but I actually kinda wanted to avoid it. So Presidente was talking to me and he said that next transfer is going to be very challenging and I'm pretty sure he hinted that I will be a leader of some kind. So at the very least I will probably be a sênior companion. Which means I will really have to figure out the área. Which is super hard cause it's so different. So things are gonna be hard... and I am moving up to a leadership probably. I actually hoped to avoid that my entire mission. My goal was to at the highest be sênior comp and I'm probably already gonna be there.  I just wanted to fly under the radar and focus on working and not have to worry about the leadership stuff.  But yea, thats what presidente said.  Then Friday we had an awesome miricle happen. So we had taught these 2 Brothers for weeks and they weren't progressing so we had to drop them. Then we were walking down the street and we passed their house like we do almost every day and they just called out to us and said to mark their dates for the following Saturday and then Sunday they were both at church which hasn't happened before. So they are gonna get baptized Saturday. What? That doesn't happen! But it did! It was way awesome. And then on Sunday we had another baptism. His name is Lucas. He is the cousin of a recente convert. Super sweet. Super awesome. It's awesome to see the change, even though in the pictures I will send none of them are of him smiling. But I've seen it while we are teaching him. Its super sweet. But so yea. Here's another thing about Brasil. They can't really sing. It hurts like every time I listen. And they don't know how to follow the notes on the page. They never hold them like they should, even on the rare occasion they have a piano. So they had me do a special musical number while my comp and Lucas were changing. Now everybody thinks I'm this awesome singer and that I was like in choir and such before I came out. Uh oh. Now all the Brasilians are always talking to me about it and the sad thing is they start talking really fast and I have no idea what they are saying haha. But then they slow down and I get it. So yea, that's about my week. So the hurricane thing, that is aweful. How big was that monster? I hope every one is allright. I will be saying a special prayer tonight. So I finally got moms email so I shall now answer hers as well.  So, I could probably use another pair of shoes just in case because I am really wearing through these ones. But they are supposed to be awesome so im hoping they will keep lasting. Oh, and if you guys could find a special book. It is the soft cover Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price combination in english. It's a lot like the soft cover Book of Mormons just it doesn't have the Book of Mórmon. Its only the two. If you could find that, it'd be awesome. I know it exists because I've seen it once before.  That'd be sweet.  But so honestly I think thats it. Just some like good old fashioned American candy and other such snacks. I kinda miss snacks. So that's all I need for that. And I have heard about Shea, he e-mails me almost every week still which is awesome. And the other missionary is Michael crow. super sweet. I'm so happy for them, it's so awesome. And so Logan got his call too?  Thats super sweet. I'm sure he will do well. So, I think that's all I got for this week. So my Family, friends and other random people that look at my moms blog, here is the tip of the week. Do whatever it takes to get along with your companion. If you guys get along you will teach well together and with the spirit and you can really help people. If there is contention in the companionship then you won't have the spirit (because contention is of the devil haha, scripture quote) and it will just be you talking, not teaching and chances are you won't help anyone. So get along with your companion and you will have the spirit which brings conversion and which brings miracles.  So, there you have it!  Love you guys!
(Sorry pics again.  Gotta find a computer that will let me download.)
(So, mom just put a couple of awesome ones up.)

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