Monday, November 18, 2013

Manaus....Week 7!

(Before the mission)

Allright here we go. The letter for this week. And I'm trying super hard to do capitilization right for you guys. So let's see, what do we have. Well first off, I still haven´t found a computer that allows me to send pics. So i´m sorry mom, but still nothing. I´m working on it, I promise. So let´s recap this past week. We had 2 more baptisms! They are 2 Young men, named Emmerson and Erivielton. Super awesome, way huge miracle. So that´s basically it. We were working super hard with a select group of people to move them towards baptism. So this upcoming week we will be spending most of our time looking for new investigators. With my new comp! So, allow me to shed a little light on the situation. There were some elders that weren´t getting along so they took my comp and one of the elders and switched them. So I now have a new comp from Chile. Goodbye english! Only Portuguese now. This is gonna be a lot of fun. But so yea that basically sums up my week. Not very interesting. I have a new comp who I met last night at around 8:30. So I don't really know him but luckily it´s a p-day so we have plenty of time. But so yea, that´s about all my new news. And since mom hasn´t sent me a big update I have no idea how to respond to how you all are doing. So I will go with what I know. Which is nothing. So I will now give the missionary tip of the week. And this week is have fun. You can get super tired during the week and the work is hard so find a way to keep it fun. Don´t fall into a pattern because then you are giving scripted lessons. And that won´t help people very much. Have fun, otherwise you won´t want to be out on your mission. So that´s all for this week folks. Until next week! Love you all!

A little back and forth....
Mom-How long has your companion been out?  That'll be interesting for you.  I guess it forces you to learn Portuguese.  How do you get your mail?  Do you get it once a month at zone conference?
Elder Link-It's zone conference and he speaks Spanish.  He's been out for about 7 months so we basically came out around the same time.  And yes, I will have to learn Portuguese.
Mom-You crack me up...
Elder Link-I'm glad that I do.
Mom-When are your zone conferences?  Just to make sure that we get your Christmas there in time.
Elder Link-Like once a month.
Mom-I know they're once a month...but when?  Like the first week of the month or the last week?
Elder Link-I don't know, they are mostly random.  They switch.  It just really depends on the month.
Mom-Is there a calendar?
Elder Link-No.  We get told the week before in an email.
Mom-K...Love you son.  Have a great week.
Elder Link-I will definitely try.  Love you mom.
(The Brasil Manaus Temple)

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