Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 4....In Manaus!

So, Here is my district! 

So, that sounds like a fun exciting week except for more of the house problems. Besides, just have to keep the end goal in mind. Awesome property with an equally awesome house. Not too bad of a deal there. I'll take that deal any day. But so yea, this week was kinda a dissapointment. we had an awesome teaching week, but no one is progressing and no one got baptized, fell kinda short, but this week is gonna be awesome. Our goal is 6. We just need people to say yes and not whimping out. Also, we had a talent show for the ward, brought all our investigators out... or at least a few. But yea, my comp and i sang 2 songs. We started with Battle Hymn of the Republic, first verse in portuguese, 2nd in english, then third verse we split doing both languages. Pretty cool. Then we did If You Could Hie to Kolob. I did a piano intro, my comp did a solo for the first verse while I played a simple line, then I came in and we both did, while I kept doing piano, then we did the last verse without piano and my comp split to bass, then I finished out with the piano line an octave higher. It was pretty sweet, super spiritual, only problem was we were first. Then everyone else came out doing this wierd stuff and ruined our spirit. Totally lame. But it was good for that little bit. Felt pretty cool. All the members love me now because brazilians cant sing and I can kinda carry a tune. So I have lots of brasileiro amigos. And the language is coming along too. I can have a conversation without needing my comp to translate. Not super in depth stuff, but I'm teaching with more confidence and saying things right and people understand what I say. And our teaching pool is pretty big. We are teaching 2 families and then a bunch of young men... but the young men aren't really progressing, so we have to put them in our area book and go find some news this week. So, my tip´for everyone for upcoming missions this week. Hmmm, first off, be ready to walk, drink lots of water. But for spiritual note, always teach with your testimony. You can say the words of the lessons but there is a reason we don't use memorized lessons anymore, teach with your testimony. The spirit will testify. Always always always use testimony. And how to prepare, get used to sharing testimony in public. Have random testimony meetings, and be able to bear about something very specific, like the power of the spirit. Doing a testimony of everything is great, but you also want to be able to specify down to one very specific thing. So that's my tip of the week. Stay tuned next week for another tip. I will be doing one every week now. Hopefully that will help. So holidays, Halloween doesn't exist down here but I picked up a halloween tie from a member in Washington so I will definately be wearing it even though no one will understand. Also, it's a looney tunes halloween tie. Pretty sweet. So for Christmas. Lets see. I will be needing some underwear, it's amazing how fast you can run out when you shower 2 times a day and they are always dirty. Like seriously, even at night you can sweat. I fell asleep for 30 minutes and woke up sweating. Its crazy. So I'll need that. I would like a tie or two since there isn't really much I can get as a missionary. But I think the ultimate Christmas present would be a car waiting for me when i got home. :) Just kidding, but yea, I dont really know what I would need. Maybe another pair of black pants? I dunno. I'll think some more about it and get back to you next week. Love you mom! Love you family! Love you America! Miss you all! Happy birthday Beckett!

Our dinner one week.  One fish and a few loaves of bread....and by loaves, I mean rolls.

A visitor in our apartment.


So, here is a friend of ours we met outside the church.


Traffic jam because people here are crazy drivers.

 The country has its own dryer...Because real dryers don't actually exist in Brasil, so here is how it's done.


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  1. Awesome pictures, Greyson! I'm a firm believer in taking pics of everything, even if it seems trivial at the time. They bring back so many feelings and stories about the mission. Tammy - does anyone in his district need anything for Christmas? Comps taken care of? Families need anything? Let us know. We can send care packages.