Monday, December 2, 2013

Manaus Week 9!

Welcome to the rainy Amazona!!

Well, glad to know that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I however had no Thanksgiving. It was kinda sad. Got a bit trunky for a minute. But yea I took some time to be grateful. So my Portuguese has definately improved a ton. I could go off on my own if I wanted and be just fine. But I'm always with my companion of course. So this week has been a fun one. Had exchanges 2 times in one week. One was with the zone leaders because I´m technically being retrained, and then another one with the district leader to do interviews for our baptisms. Only one this week, but we have another one set up for next week too, and that´s at the minimum. So this week we baptized a guy named Tiago, he was baptized by a recentish convert which is super sweet. Tiago believe it or not is 20. He doesn´t look it at all. But so here is his story. Elder Colgrove and I were teaching him and his Family but he never did anything. We baptized his cousins, mom, basically everyone that lives in one of the 2 houses he stays at. But he never did anything. Then Elder Diaz came in. While I was on exchanges, Elder Diaz spoke with Tiago..... And he was baptized. Strange how it Works, but pretty sweet to see him finally moving somewhere. So I don´t really have too much this week, but I do have something you´ve been waiting for for quite some time now. Pictures!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
 Pictures of Tiago!  He's on the right and the recente convert is on the left.

Opa! Right, I almost forgot. But now I am reminded and am ready to give my weekly advice. Be sure to pass all of my weekly advices on to Bro. Cook for his mission prep. class. Should be able to help. At least a little. So this weeks advice is work with your leaders. All of them. Whether they be other missionaries in leadership positions or Ward leaders or the mission presidente. All are there to help you in your work and if you dont use them and the knowledge and experience they have you are wasting a lot of valuable resources. Learn how to listen to and work well with these people and the work will accelerate. So that is my weekly advice. Oh and for Bro. Cook especially. In the mission prep. class, watch `the district´ vídeos. They will do a lot of teaching. allright, until next week!

This is Lucas!  He's awesome!

So we have a young man leaving on his mission soon and the ward had a party for him.  Super Cool!
These are the young men that are awesome in our ward.

Two Baptisms....Emmerson and Erivielton.  They are brothers.  Super Sweet!
My Companion Elder Diaz....From Chili!
This is Guilherme...baptism that we had last month.
A picture of how bad my shoes are getting.....
My shirt that I ripped while we were walking of the long sleeve ones.  I wasn't vey happy.

Here is the dirt I swept up on our floor after 1 week....7 Days!!!

And...I continue my tradition of a new car every transfer....2012 Mustang.  It's pretty.

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