Monday, December 9, 2013

Manaus....Week 10!

So lets answer some questions!!!  The companion business is goin pretty well.  We are getting a lot of teaching done.  Over 40 lessons a week. We are kickin some serious butt here.  My portuguese is doing pretty well and no one can believe that I can speak as well as I can after only two months. I´m doin allright I guess.  So about the Christmas Devotional I did not get to watch it...lame sauce.  But I´m sure eventually I will be able to see it.  Maybe. Who knows.  We will just have to wait and see.  So this week had some fun stuff. We just had transfers and I´m with my hispanic companion again, but a sister from my mtc district is now in my district and my district leader is an American as well. Pretty cool.  But so this week had a pretty awesome baptism, wasn´t sure if it was gonna happen but it did.  All thanks to the fact that my new district leader had a good talk with him during the interview.  Pretty sweet.  His name is Gabriel, and he´s 15 years old...pretty chill kid.  Took a while to get this point, like the whole time I´ve been here.  But we were supposed to have more but the guy was drinking until 7 in the morning...yeah.   But so, that´s what has happened.
Walked right through the middle of a drug deal, that was pretty funny. ...In a back alley that´s a shortcut to our house.   Right after lunch on a Sunday.   So it was like 2 in the afternoon. And the best part is at first they tried to hide it by covering the scene with an umbrela that they tilted into our line of sight. It was pretty funny to be honest.  So that about sums up my week. Oh, apparently I also am now an english tutor for kids who are taking english in school.  That´s pretty fun.  Kinda silly sometimes when they really just don´t get it.  But I´m trying.  And I guess it helps them.  Their teachers are suprised they do so well anyways. 
So, I have not yet gotten my box.  If all else fails I´m pretty sure we will pass by the place that it will be sometime for the mission Christmas reunion.  I hear all the missionaries in the entire city will gather.  So I´ll be able to get it then if I don´t get it anytime soon. So yeah, don´t have my box yet but I´m sure it´ll come soon. So I would really love to have that scripture set I asked for...Only Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Thanks!
So, I´m glad to hear that everyone is doing pretty well.  Hope that Caden gets his grades up.  NO MORE 0´S!!!!  Keep up the work in the cold!  LOve you guys a bunch! Hopefully pics to follow!
Advice for the week! Remember to thank everyone who gives you food and do it with real intente. The members will provide many dinners for you (here it´s lunch but same concept). They go out of their way to help you out so Always have ready for them a message and a prayer and thank them. Very importante.  You need the members to like you cause when they like you they trust you with their friends and your teaching pool will grow exponentially. Allright!  
Love you all!  Until next week!
(No pics this totally just depends on which computer he gets)

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