Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week.... We have pics!!

Haha, so Rose is her nickname, and she is awesome. Really. But Rose is super strong in the gospel..  We were supposed to go over there tonight, but we can´t go without the sisters and the other elders here scheduled a family home evening and the sisters need to go there instead.  

But so here is some really good news. I found good batteries! For 20 reals (pronouned hay-als). So there shall be pics this week!

But so, now let me say a bit about my week. We baptized a lady this Friday. Maria has been feeding the missionaries for 4 years now just never was baptized. But she finally was this week and confirmed Sunday. Her son baptized her, it was pretty awesome especially considering that he is preparing for a mission. It was super awesome. The husband who isn´t a member was there and I think that he had a little change of heart during the baptism, and especially during the closing song which was Careço de Jesus (I Need Thee Every Hour). He was just sitting there thinking, and his wife just got baptized and it was awesome. Just plain awesome. I think Maria will be an awesome Relief Society President, haha. But seriously she would. Her work is to go work in other people´s houses caring for the disabled that live there. That is what she does, it´s pretty cool. But so yea, after 4 years we finally baptized her......AND we have another date for this Saturday. Little Ann, she is 9 years old and her mom is inactive but we are helping her to return and her daughter getting baptized should help. A lot.

So, my new comp. Straight up Brazilian, no english, nothing. Only Portuguese. So this should help a lot with the language, getting down the accent and everything like that. And he´s pretty chill. He was an MMA fighter before the mission. But he´s kinda letting himself go a little. He says so hmself. Here in the mission he has gained 15 kilos. Don´t know how much that is but I think it´s 25 pounds. I think.

But so yea, we are having a pretty good time and we are getting some work done. And that about sums up my week. Baptizing Maria, setting up for Ann, teaching some other people, and teaching an English class. yea, that is always interesting.....But so yea.

 Oh, the package, talking won´t do any good, it´s gone. Long gone. Super lame but yea, it gone.

So tip´of the week. Less actives. Work with them. A lot of missionaries here think `Why work with less actives? They are already baptized and I wanna baptize people.´  Less actives and part member families are the best places too work because they always have references, which is the best form of contacting someone. So work with the less actives and part member families. You will find that once you reactivate them they will be inspired to bring others who aren´t members to the light of the gospel. So yea, just do it. Haha, nike.

But so yea, I´m glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Love you guys! Love you mom!

Me and my old American Companion, Elder Adams.  Cool dude.

So here is me and my new companion with Maria at the baptism.

 Here is my destroyed shoe. Got a pic as soon as I got new batteries and then threw them out. Super trashed....

So here is what the sisters left when we moved back in to our old house (thank goodness).  Nice sisters.....

This is the little cake the sisters left for us for me hitting 11 months.

The Batmobile.... car of the transfer!

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