Monday, April 7, 2014


Thanks for the pics....they are pretty good.

So, first thing to talk about is my companion.  Both you and dad talked about doing divisions.  So, there is a story that goes with it.  So we had interviews with President 2 weeks ago....And he heard from someone here in Vilhena that we were doing divisions like crazy before my comp messed up his toe.  Like every day is a division.  So President told the district leader no more because we are losing the companionships that were designated by the President and therefor by the Lord.  Then my companion messed up his toe and we asked for divisions but we were reminded that we had already done so many and I have to take care of my companion because he is my companion.  So no divisions were allowed.  But we did get permission for 1.  So that was a relief. But it was only one...And that was a week ago.  In total we were stuck in house for 2 and a half weeks.  My companion finally got permission to leave on Thursday.  So Thursday and Friday we worked and then Saturday and Sunday were Conference and that is basically all there is time for.

But so you won´t believe my luck.  We show up Saturday for conference and they are trying to set it up as it starts.  Bad idea because we need the translated version. And... they can´t find Portuguese.  So we have 2 options, Spanish or English.  Spanish is closer to Portuguese so they went with Spanish. I spent Saturday morning trying to understand Spanish.  There was only one source so I didn´t even have the option to go to another room and watch in English.  So I sat trying to pick up words I knew or were close and try to piece it together.  It was so hard.  Then Saturday afternoon we missed the last hour because we were teaching some people that walked out because they didn´t want to listen in Spanish, so we went to try to help them. I think we helped but I missed Saturday afternoon, which they finally figured out and got it in Portuguese. Then all I saw of the Priesthood session was The Prophet, because my district leader said that we weren´t approved by the President to stay out.  But eventually, we got allowed and made it to see the prophet and for my comp to say goodbye to people. He got transfered....but I´ll talk about that later. But so then Sunday was the only day I actually got to see conference.  I was way dissapointed.  Everyone who e-mailed me said conference was amazing and I missed so much.  But I think I´m gonna watch a lot of it tomorrow.  I shall now explain.

So my comp, Elder Adams, got transferred and he left Sunday Morning before conference.  What a badger, he missed some good stuff but he will watch it today or tomorrow.  President approved already.  But so my new companion doesn´t come in until tomorrow because we are so far away.  So I am with my district leader until tomorrow morning at 5 in the morning my time.  My new companion hasn´t had the opportunity yet to e-mail his family or the President so while he is e-mailing I shall be watching conference... In english haha.

 But so we did have an investigator at conference, such a miracle since we didn´t really have time to go visit anyone during the week but this family is amazing. 2 daughters already baptized and the other daughter, the mom and the dad are just about ready... we just have to get the mom and the dad married.  That is a big problem here in Brasil.  People don´t get married with paper all the time.  Just say they are married because it costs to get married and no one wants to go through all the processes.  So they just live together. It´s a big problem, but the church actually helps people get married here. Does all the paper work and everything. So hopefully here soon they will be married and then baptized. They are ready, just have to deal with the details now. But so that about sums up my life now.

After e-mailing today I shall go and buy many batteries and take many pictures.  Also my companion Elder Adams took some for me and he should be sending them to me later today, so I shall also send those.  I just haven´t really been able to get out of the house lately to go get them, but now I have time and a comp that can walk, so I shall buy them today.  But so yea, that´s about my week.  Comps toe got better Thursday and we worked for 2 days and then kinda saw conference but I shall see it tomorrow. So that´s about it.

Ah, and that pic dad sent me of Beckett with the chocolate powder, does that remind us of anyone? `Mom, this stuff is good!!!´ Ah the good old days. But also, I shall send a pic next week of my car for this transfer. So this transfer I shall pass 1 year, so that makes me a really cool dude in the mission, a year under my belt. So my car for the transfer is......drumroll please......the Batmobile! I know, so awesome. Everyone is now jealous because here in Brasil I found a hot wheel of the Batmobile.

 But so now for the last is the tip of the week.  As it is transfer week, I shall talk about companions. I have a friend whose name I shall not reveal who is having a hard time with their companion.  So, my zone leader was told to give a training on companions so this is what he told us... Look at your companion, and then just think... Who is a future companion like the mission companion.  Your future spouse.  Haha, missionaries thinking about marriages already haha.  But so we were told to think of our companion like our future spouse. There will be days we get along great, and days where not so much and we wanna fight and yell and sometimes just walk off on them because they are being so stupid.  But we can´t.  We are stuck with them no matter what.  And would you let a little fight or some stupid thing ruin an eternal marriage?  No, no we wouldn´t.  So we can´t let it ruin our companionship in the mission either.  This is practice for later, so we have to cherish the time we have with our comps. Learn from them, whether it be something great they did that you want to do just as well or you learn something you don´t want to do. Either way, learn from them, cause that is why you were put together.  So learn and then better yourself, cause here in the mission, eventually the transfer will come and one of you will leave.  But when your married, that doesn´t exactly happen.  So just think about how you treat your companion because the same will happen with your future spouse.  Pretty good tip huh? Haha, I think so.

But so I´m heading out. Love you guys! Love you mom!!!

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