Monday, March 10, 2014


March 10, 2014

That´s really cool that Jessica reported this week.  So we haven´t had a conference yet so there hasn´t been a chance to even see if I have gotten any packages. So unfortunately we are just gonna have to wait a little more, so please stop worrying that you haven´t seen my face.  It´s all still here, as pretty as ever. Maybe a little red cause I got sunburned this week but that´s about it. 

So one of our baptisms did come through this week, a little 8 year old child of a less active family.  His name is Elber.  He is so small.  Like he walked into the water and was already almost under, the water came up to his chest.  It was kinda funny.  But him and his brother have been walking by themselves the past few weeks for over a mile to get to church, so I think he was kind of excited to get baptized.  He was pretty happy.  And now his family is starting to come back so that is pretty sweet.  But that is about the summary of this past week. Getting everything set up and confirmed for the baptism and trying to find more but all of those falling through.  So just the one baptism this week.

And I would send pics from my comp but they take forever to load and I have kinda been waiting a while. I will try to send them next week. And then hopefully I will have had a conference and recieved my package by that point.  So I will send all that have passed and then I will be sure to take some new ones just for you.  

SO just to clarify right now I am not in a ward, I am in a branch.  And it is doing pretty well.  We had 80 people in sacrament meeting so that was pretty good.  We need 20 more and then we can start talking about a ward.  But so that is basically it.  We found 2 new families so hopefully this week we will teach them and they will prove to be pretty cool and receptive. Unfortunately though the 2 new families is countered by 3 investigators not wanting any more.  Pretty sad when someone drops you but they have their agency so there is nothing I can do to force them to accept.  Just keep working and hope in time they will open up more. 

So I hope everyone enjoys their spring break of coldness and the time off from school!  I don´t really get anything like that so enjoy it for me too.  Be sure to encourage Caden to participate in the mission prep.  It will help a lot. That´s about all I have this week guys. So here is something in Portuguese.  See if you can figure it out. I love you guys. Love you mom!!!


Então, se você sabe que essas coisas são verdadeiras, você vai seguir o exemplo de nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo, e seja batizado pelo uma pessoa que têm a autoridade para realizar essas coisas? Por que nos sabemos que essas coisas são verdadeiras, e que A Igreja De Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Últimos Dias é a igreja de Jesus Cristo aqui na terra e que nos temos a autoridade para fazer seu batismo. Is that good?

(So if you know these things are true, you will follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ, and be baptized by a person having the authority to do these things? Why do we know that these things are true, and that The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is the church of Jesus Christ here on earth and that we have the authority to make his baptism.)

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