Monday, March 17, 2014


March 17, 2014

But so let´s see.   Let me tell you about my week.  It was pretty normal honestly.  We decided to all work in one of the 3 areas for a day then the next move to a new one.  So we spent 2 days out of our area working in others.  The plan was good but it didn´t quite work like my district leader planned.  So I don´t think we are gonna do it again.  And we didn´t get to baptize this week.  Had one lined up, but she got sick Saturday night of course and couldn´t make it to church.  It was a big badger.  But this next week I´m pretty sure will be better. But in better news, I have gone on divisions with another elder to teach this one investigator and he finally got baptized this week.  After 1 year of being taught, he finally got baptized.  I was super happy for him.  It was pretty cool.  But for his baptism he only wanted specific people there.  It wasn´t open for anyone to come.  Only those like 4 people invited.  And then the missionaries.  It was pretty cool either way.  But so yea, that about sums up my week.  Sorry I don´t have that much, it was a pretty average week this week.  Oh, I am trraveling this week.   I will be on a bus for 6 hours there and 6 hours back.  And I will get my package!  So then I will be able to send pics! But until then I don´t have pics yet....But I will next week, promise.  So sorry about the short e-mail but it´s all I´ve got to report right now.  So I will be sure to watch myself about soccer and everything.  Hope everything goes well with the house. Love you all a bunch! Love you mom!

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